March Against Monsanto, May 23th - Worldwide.

Videos on GMOs

Going to start a list of video’s here….. GMO Poison – Ticking Time Bomb [Full Documentary] GMO’s The End Game – Profits Before Health – This mini-doc takes a look at the threat on GMO’s in our food and environment, in particular the perennial Alfalfa

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Aspartame Should Be Outlawed


So this morning I was walking to work and was passing a gentleman walking up the sidewalk.  It’s all uphill and he was having a little bit of trouble because he was overweight.  He was carrying a 12-pack of diet Pepsi.  I wanted to stop him and tell him about all of the dangers of consuming aspartame, but I didn’t.  ...

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I just watched this documentary.  Really good.  I wish all dentists would watch this, I wish we could have a government that would actually DO something when they see harm being done.  Unfortunately we don’t. Anyway, watch the video.  Get involved. The person to contact in Wisconsin is Warren LeMay in Dental/Health Services.  His email address is Warren.LeMay at ...

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Genetic Roulette


Want to know about GMO’s?  Watch this informative movie.  I suggest you buy it.  For one, once you watch it, you will want to share it with people.  I don’t have any initials after my name, so once I tell people about the issues, I encourage them to research it for them selves. Let’s face it, people can be very ...

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Happy Valentine’s Day


But what does it mean? A s you can see by the date….  Happy Valentines Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying this day, in one way or another!  I would imagine that most people have no idea how Valentine’s Day actually became the holiday that some of us love, some of us hate and some of us could really care less ...

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